Aaron graduated in December of 2014 and accepted a position with Quandel Consultants in Chicago, Illinois as a Project Engineer. At Quandel he has spent the majority last two years working on the ongoing corridor improvements of the Michigan Line for higher speed services of Amtrak between Chicago and Detroit. This work includes both the designs for improvement of track alignments and highway grade crossings to support train speeds of up to 110 mph.

“Most recently I have been working out of Quandel's office in Kalamazoo, Michigan which allowed me to assist in construction oversight activities as well and get boots in the mud exposure to railroading from designs in MicroStation to the finished product. I have always been fascinated by trains so as soon as I found out that Michigan Tech had a rail program and that railroad engineering is still alive and booming, I focused my studies with the goal to work in the railroad industry upon graduating.

During the summer of 2014 I was able to further my railroad background with an internship at TTCI in Pueblo, Colorado assisting in research for rail seat deterioration of concrete ties and other track component failure mechanisms leading to premature wear. My experience as a member of REAC and railroad classes I took have proved invaluable to me as it provided a lot opportunities both for summer internships and networking which eventually led to the job I am at today. Thus far, I enjoy my work and am excited to see where it leads me in the future!”

Project Engineer, Quandel Consultants