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CE 4404: Railroad Engineering (3 credits)

This 3 credit course provides an overview of basic elements and roles of rail transportation, history, organizations and economics, safety, intercity and urban passenger rail, freight operations, track-train dynamics, signals and communications, motive power and equipment, track components, construction and maintenance. Course objective is to gain the basic understanding of railroads as a transportation industry. It will approach the subject from a multi-disciplinary perspective, merging fields within and outside engineering to create a complete package.

Link to Course Syllabus

CE 4490 Rail Transportation Seminar (1 credit)

This course covers presentations and discussions of latest literature, research and development related to rail transportation. It will mix industry and academic presentations with reading assignments. Topics will be selected jointly between the course members during the first week of semester.  Students will also conduct team research in a selected topic and make a presentation on the topic.

Link to Course Syllabus

CE 5408: Public Transit Planning & Engineering (3 credits)

An exploration of  public transit that includes history, government policy, user characteristics, urban contexts, market behavior, level of service, sustainability, funding and financing, transit modes and technology, route and alignment planning, operations, facilities design, construction, and future trends. Some of the topics are based on the interests of students.

Link to Course Syllabus

CE 5409: Railroad Track Engineering and Design (3 credits)

The course introduces students to the design and development of construction documents for railroad projects, especially the construction or modification of a new or existing track. The course takes a hands-on approach. Assigned readings, interactive lectures, homework assignments, and other instructional materials will be applied by participants to complete design exercises and eventually a real-life rail project. The course will provide participants with sufficient understanding of track components and design criteria. Specific topics include horizontal and vertical geometry and cross-section components. While the concentration will be on learning track design principles, limited comparisons to roadway design will also be reviewed as they pertain to the course.

The course includes a lab component that concentrates on learning MicroStation and Geopak design software and applying them to a complete track design project.

Link to Course Syllabus

Certificate in Rail Transportation

Michigan Tech is currently working towards the development of a Certificate in Rail Transportation Engineering as part of their undergraduate or graduate studies. Students who are interested in this option should contact the RTP Director for more information.


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