Past Events

The summaries below provide a rich history of past events that RTP has organized/participated in. Enjoy!!!


18th Annual Railroad Night will take place on September 12th, 2023.
September 12th, 2023
The 2023 Midwest Rail Conference "Optimizing Rail Investment" was held August 14-16, 2023 in Toledo, OH. With 150 total registrations and over 30 professional industry speakers, the conference was well attended and very informational. Thanks to the many amazing sponsors, events including the Student Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Outing, Opening Reception, Educational Sessions, Closing (Baseball Game) Reception and Field Visits were well received. Many thanks to the planning committee, speakers, sponsors and attendees for another great conference!
August 14th, 2023
FRA Sponsored Tracks to the Future - Railroad Transportation and Engineering Summer Youth Program
June 19th, 2023
This workshop concentrates on establishing strong industry dialog and participation in a project funded by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The recently started project will develop a framework for Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) of emissions from railroad track and infrastructure maintenance and construction. Specific workshop topics include discussion on objectives, shared goals and scope, data sources, existing tools and eventual implications of emissions LCA for multi-modal transport decision making. We will also have experts from highway transportation to provide their experiences on the topic.
November 1st, 2022
The 2022 Michigan Rail Conference is set to be held August 1-3, 2022 in Escanaba, MI.
August 1st, 2022
TRACKS TO THE FUTURE, Railroad Transportation and Engineering Summer Youth Program
June 27th, 2022
October 19th, 2021
The Michigan Rail Virtual Conference was held August 10-11, 2021. With a full slate of panel presentations, and two awesome keynotes, the event came off nearly flawlessly. If you have any questions about the conference, please contact Amanda at, Thank you!
August 10th, 2021
Our 2021 program took place during the week of July 12th.
July 12th, 2021
The Midwest Rail Conference was held virtually August 11th and 12th, 2020. With 18 sponsors and over 270 attendees, our first ever all virtual event was a great success!!!
August 11th, 2020