As a student, what can you expect from Rail Day?

Talk with representatives from all facets of the rail industry in a relatively low key environment.  We expect to have representatives and displays from Class 1 Railroads (the big guys) and Short Line Railroads (local companies, less track).  Also, consultants who design and construct projects for the industry, suppliers who design and produce the equipment used by the industry, and state government officials who regulate the industry.  

At Rail Day/Expo, enjoy an opportunity to talk about rail industry job opportunities in general, and talk with recruiters who are interested in hiring specific full-time, intern, and co-op positions.

A free LUNCH!  Well, almost free.  Stop by and chat with some of our many exhibitors during Rail Day/Expo 2015. It will only cost you the time needed to talk with one of our industry representatives to grab a free lunch ticket from them. 

At Rail Night, a Q&A Panel Discussion with industry experts will be there to answer all those nagging questions you have come up with during the day!

Enjoy a great meal with industry repesentatives from all over the country! Get to know these people as they share their real-life experiences from working in the rail industry.

Join us this Fall for the 2nd Annual Rail Day/Expo and 11th Annual Rail Night, and leave with the rail industry experience of a lifetime!



Oct 20, 2015 11:00am to 9:00pm